Glastonbury, a sacred place for well over five millenia, is thought by some to be the geographic cradle of the original Christian church. In this ancient, mystical land lies a secret known by only a few. Glastonia Sphaerica is a geometric tribute to this open secret, reflecting the sacred power of the confluence of cultures, religions, mythologies and epistemologies. Caught in the tapestry of timezones and the fabric of fecundity, Glastonbury is a place where we might be thrown unto ourselves to ask the meaning of who we are.

Located in the heart of the most well known vestiges of megalithic culture, Glastonbury holds the key to some of our buried past. Glastonbury is often referred to as "England's Jerusalem." Glastonbury Tor, once known as Ynis Witrin, the Isle of Glass, is the silent intersection of the Michael and Mary Ley lines, home of the oldest three dimensional seven-circuit labyrinth on this earth. The Tor carries within its liquid belly perhaps one of the deepest mysteries of all.

We are the sons and daughters of tomorrow's children, the stories they shall weave about their origins and collective memories, the seeds of who they will come to be. In a pilgrimage to Glastonbury, many generations have walked upon the lines which thread together the most potent leys linking the sacred landscape in a constellation of potency. Here travellers and pilgrims alike have felt and understood the cyclic return and the union of the spirit and the flesh in the place where one can sense the neurostructure of earth laid bare.

To chart the pilgrim's journey, we must first begin with stone. At once both artifact and silicon, stone has been the locus of the first encodings of our shared memory. Seen by our eyes, touched by our fingers, these stones resonate the earth's silent frequency and wear our tokens of meaning upon their faces. They still do. Standing stones define the navel of the earth, the connection with the ancestors, the seeding grounds of the next generations. As such, acting as tuning forks for the sacred spaces, they hold the sounds and experiences of each community's deepest rituals and rites of passage; they link biology to geography and align the shorter cycles of life to the larger cycles of the celestial sphere the precession of the heavenly bodies. Carved stones contain the earliest geometric etchings of our understanding of these profound relationships and encode the consciousness of the symmetry of the soul. This same geometry, embodied in the shapes and space that surround us, braiding the threads that hold warm bodies tight into a patterned integrity called the cytoskeleton, speaks a language far more ancient than humanity.

Glastonia Sphaerica hopes to help you take a journey that will entwine the spirit of geometry with the legends of Glastonbury. This series also honors and celebrates the work of John Michell, historian of ancient science and local historian of Glastonbury, artist and author, who understands the deeper foundation behind the patterns that connect our deeper heritage of the community the spirit.






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