Pearls for Annie


Pearls for Annie are suggestions for navigating life such that one might have a better chance in improving its quality relative to the individual's personal experience and perspective. They are based mostly on the personal experience of the author and are not offered as absolutes, but rather, are based on his evolving (changing) experience in managing matter, energy, time and space (MaEnTiSpa). For the most part the process deals with the management (control) of physical changes which are capable of being quantified. Those aspects of Existence which tend to be subjective or lie in the realm of the metaphysical are treated lightly, if at all. You are invited to participate by email (last link below) with positive criticism and/or by offering some of your personal suggestions. Additional ones will be added as developed. Most are stand alone but some can be better understood in terms of others. The content of this site is pubic domain. This site is dedicated to Annie. Best viewed in the Firefox browser. PEARLS (upper left) links to a printable version of all the pearls.