Dialogue with Claire


Ancient One: Claire, dear one. It has been too long since we spoke. I have missed you. You have changed as you must. I remember at our last encounter my saying to you, "Change is the essence of all being." As we now continue our dialogue, know that the four attributes necessary for any change are MAtter, ENergy, TIme, and SPAce (MaEnTiSpa). In physics only these four properties can be directly measured: mass (grams), energy (calories), time (seconds), and space (meters). All other properties are derived from these (area, velocity, power, work, acceleration, volume, etc.). So it is with the changes you effect in your life, dear Claire. There are only four attributes of Existence over which you have control. They are matter, energy, time, and space (MaEnTiSpa). The potter who would create a bowl from clay applies ENergy to it (MAtter), reshaping (SPAce) it and in TIme produces a bowl. The extent to which this bowl approaches the personal perfection the potter establishes depends on the extent to which the potter masters MaEnTiSpa."

Claire: Granted, old friend, change involves MaEnTiSpa, but there must be more to it than this. Is there some driving mechanism that causes change to occur in Nature and if so, how does it apply to the changes we humans create?

Ancient One: (Claire, before answering, know that knowledge begins with a question igniting the mind to seek greater understanding. The answers are but fuel that feeds the mind. In this spirit answers are offered to your question, not as an absolute, but simply one of an infinite number of answers, one generated by a personal quest for greater understanding.) - "EXISTENCE because It DESIRES a thing, SAYS to It BE, and It IS." Here "EXISTENCE" is that unknowable ALL that is the well spring of all change. Some call it "God." Each one of us is a subset of "EXISTENCE" and as such have the same "DESIRE" to effect some unique change. The "SAYS" is the thought that sets out a blueprint for the change, the visualization of what can be. The "BE" is the individual action taken to make the vision real through MaEnTiSpa. The "IS" is the actualization of the action when birth is given into the real world to that which had not been before. Humans create change as does EXISTENCE, thought with action giving birth to new creation.

Claire: Given the factors over which one has control and the mechanism through which change occurs, how can one be sure that change will occur?

Ancient One: One cannot be sure that desired change will occur. One can only control the probability that an event will occur by doing that which increases its probability of occurrence and not doing that which will decrease it. A future event whose probability of occurrence is "0" will absolutely not occur. One whose probability of occurrence is "1" will absolutely occur. There are no such future events. All future events have a probability of occurrence between "0" and "1." The event exists in the present when its probability is "1" and exists in the past when its probability of occurrence is "0." One can define the present as that instant when the probability of a future event between "0" and "1" changes to "1"and then to "0" on zero time. The present has no measure of time. Time can be measured only into the future and into the past. The present is that instant when the future becomes the past, when probability changes from "1" to "0."



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