Sculpting the sphere requires the use of both traditional and unique tools. Standard tools in ceramics are used to cut, scrape, polish, compress, shape, carve, smooth, contain, measure, stir, and heat the clay. The Octahedral Porcelain Process introduces a significant amount of unconventional tools that conform to and address the unique spherical qualities of each finished Porcelainia vessel. Along with standard tools, ordinary household utensils can be adapted to create new spherical tools. Unique, low-cost, sphere-specific tools can also be constructed to use in each stage of the process. Examples of these three types of tools are described below.

Standard Tools are those which can be purchased from ceramic material suppliers. Examples are: kilns and related equipment, wood ceramic tools, wire tools, ribbon tools, fettling knives, etc.

Adapted Tools are common objects which are slightly modified to achieve a specific task in ceramics. Lids of mason jars and copper tubing are used to refine the spheric quality of a vessel's exterior surface. Measuring spoons are used to evacuate clay from the vessel. A light bulb covered with a moist cloth is used to make the openings of the lid and vessel body circular. A shot glass is used to compress the exterior surface of the vessel.

Custom Tools are invented to perform specialized tasks for which no standard or adapted tool already exists. Excellent examples of these type tools are "concave sphericalizers," metal plates cut with circular edges with different radii with or without a handle. These can be used to create near perfect spherical interiors. Another example is a "concave compressor," a small porcelain sphere mounted on a handle that can be used to smooth and compress the cavities of the lid and body..
Measuring Tools are used to determine mass and distance during different stages in the process. Temperature and its changes are measured with thermometers and electronically in LED displays on the kiln timer.

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