Pearls for Annie


The four physical attributes of Existence (matter, energy, time, and space) can be controlled to some degree, for example, traveling from point A to Point B by car. There is no absolute guarantee that the trip will be a success, but the probability of success will be increased by giving careful attention to MaEnTiSpa. Matter - the car is in good shape as well as the driver, no snow on the road; energy - gasoline, driver fed, sober; time - Sunday morning when traffic is at a minimum; space - interstate highway instead of surface streets. The extent of your freedom is measured by the control you have over change. Since there are no absolutes, then all you can do to control change is to effect the probability that a desired change will occur (or an undesired one will not). You can manipulate MaEnTiSpa to effect probability. This is an ongoing process, for no matter what you do, it can be done "better". You must constantly reexamine all that you do, and in the light of knowledge and experience, redefine your existence on a daily basis. You must guard against those who would profess to "know". Knowledge is a personal endeavor and it is essential that you define your personal reality. Those who would profess absolutes do so in an effort to control others: Hitler, the Pope, Stalin, and others of like character who through the ages have inflicted humankind with their debilitating doctrines and caused them to behave less than optimal. For me, science with its attitude of no absolutes, has been most illuminating. Through science I have learned to take responsibility for my own belief system and personal existence based on it. Along the way there have been the greats who have helped on this journey: Galileo, Kepler, Newton, Einstein, Planck, Heisenberg, Schrödinger, and so many others. I am so grateful for the technology that produced the Hubble telescope and computers and video recorders and TV and modern medicine and the automobile and on and on: all the work of humans who have altered probability through the control of MaEnTiSpa.