Pearls for Annie


Nothing is guaranteed. If one needs something to happen, he does all that he can to increase the probability that it will. If one wants to become a master sculptor of porcelain, he learns all he can about porcelain, its physical and chemical properties. He pushes the substance to its limits. He studies the many different kinds of porcelain. He seeks out or invents tools that will extend his ability to shape it. He seeks out the knowledge of those who have worked with porcelain. He studies works in porcelain by the masters. He interacts with porcelain over and over again through his created works. He does not do the things that will decrease the probability of becoming a master of porcelain sculpture. Doing all this will not guarantee that he becomes the master of porcelain, but it will increase the probability that it will happen. In spite of all his efforts, he will never become a master sculptor of porcelain. He will only approach it as a limit.