Pearls for Annie


Meaningful change takes place in small increments consistently applied. Bit by bit you can build your knowledge or financial resources. The secret is to be consistent. For example, if you chose to independently learn calculus, begin without much fanfare. Find a source, perhaps a book or a web site. Set aside time periodically to study the subject and stick to your schedule. Do not expect to learn it overnight. Do not move forward until you have fully internalized each days lesson since this subject builds on what was previously learned. It will not take you long to determine whether or not you need to continue either for a lack in ability or loss of interest. No matter. Perhaps algebra will work better or a language or an art. The same process applies to hobbies except there will be a physical application of the knowledge learned. For example, an interest in the visual arts. Learn color theory first and then apply it to oil painting. Learn perspective and then apply it to a drawing. Learn composition and then apply it to a still life. Learn the about light and then apply it to a drawing with emphasis on light and shadow. The thing is to learn a little something periodically allowing the knowledge to accumulate. Begin small and built. Start with pencil line drawings, then black and white shadow exercises, then composition, then perspective, then color, then 3D design and then sculpture in some medium. This is the general idea.The same can be said of generating financial resources. Get into the habit of saving on a periodic bases no matter how small the amount. Live your life frugally. Begin by saving $5 per month and increase this amount as your income increases. As the saying goes, "Pay yourself first." If you do this, you will have accumulated a great deal by time you reach an age for retirement. There are other financial instruments for saving that you would do well to learn of (stocks, bonds, annuities, etc).