Pearls for Annie


Of MaEnTiSpa, time is the most difficult to manage. Sometimes it is better to do the hardest things first that may take longer to do just in case you run out of time. Often times it is necessary to do a number of easy things first if they are related to the hard stuff. During transitions where major personal growth occurs (the most difficult time when major changes are occurring), it will be especially important for you to give great thought to how you will manage your time. Time, being finite, is your most important asset; therefore, spend it wisely. Better to waste your money than your time. When to act and for how long are questions to consider when spending your time. Sometimes during the expenditure of long periods of time on a given project, the returns do not warrant the quantity of time spent; therefore, leave the project allowing germination of your effort, and return to the project later, refreshed, more focused and more effective. For the mundane tasks develop habits for saving time. When waking, lay in bed for awhile and plan how you will spend your day time-wise. At night, lay there and review how you spent your time during that day. Find and learn the right tools to save your time. When do you optimally function, in the morning or at night? Time spent learning is among the best of investments. Find the best formula to multitask, i. e., do not become overburdened in executing your projects. Always search for ways to save time. While doing one thing, plan the next one. Do not execute the first solution of a problem. Wait. Think of other solutions. Allow one solution to evolve into another. Your mind operates almost at light speed while your body moves along sluggishly. Eventually a solution seems best. Implement it knowing that a better one will follow if you continue the process of intellectual refinement through time. Meaningful change occurs in small increments over extended time. You can spend a lifetime on a single aspect with infinite possibilities; therefore, know when to quit. My painting teacher told the class to throw away our first 100 paintings.