Pearls for Annie


Currently (06March2009) there is an energy crisis. Energy is the ability to do work and work must involve motion; so, let us speak of motion as energy. Keep in mind too that "force" (read the pearl, force.html) involves energy since force can produce motion. Recall also that when force produces motion, work is accomplished. First, out of respect for Newton, we must by necessity consider His Three Laws of Motion: First Law proclaims that the state of motion of a body is maintained until a force acts on it, Second Law that the acceleration (changing velocity where velocity is speed with direction) of a body is directly proportional to the force applied and inversely proportional to the mass of the body (F=ma or a=F/m) and Third Law that if you push or pull something, it will push or pull with a force equal and opposite yours. Study and internalize these Laws. Your source of energy is food and drink. Choose wisely. It is worth noting that most energy expended on earth has as its source the light of the sun: petroleum from plants laid down millions of years ago, plants currently existing, wind, hydroelectric (via rain evaporated by solar energy), solar-thermal and solar-voltaic. Other forms, nuclear, geothermal and chemical (batteries) are not directly linked to sunlight. Anyhow, it will take energy to propel your mind from place to place whether you walk, run, fly, boat or drive. And you will need to take your mind to various places to learn what these places can teach you; so, move safely and with purpose under the power of energy (By the way, power is work divided by time.)