Pearls for Annie


There are earthly humans and probably other conscientious beings elsewhere who pray to a god that it intervene on their behalf and make good things happen to them. God give me this, make me this, make this happen, give us peace, make the crops grow, protect us from global warming, cure the diseases, turn away the storms, make us victorious in battle, etc. It just so happens that it is a very busy being. It has the multi-universes to manage in all states of evolution (collapsing, expanding, bouncing), billions of other planets with living systems, the motions and interactions of the countless atoms and subatomic particles, the motion of all of the Universe's objects as they interact physically and chemically, the implications of space:time::matter:energy, new mathematical algorithms to develop, chaos, Laws of Thermodynamics, quantum physics, relativity, etc. About 4,000 years ago it got tired of listening to the prayers of humans; so, it gave us a brain to do things for ourselves and stop bothering it so that it might better manage those that have no control over themselves. Also, it prefers not to be worshipped or praised since it is in no need of it. Meditation is a wonderful and more beneficial substitute for prayer.

Anyhow, to be in touch with God all you need do is think. Yes, Annie, thought is the process of communicating with God and actually prayer is thought and therefore communication with God. But don't bother Him with your needs and wants since He has given all you need to acquire them yourself. Do you remember saying as a two year old, "My do it."?