Pearls for Annie


A force is a push or pull tending to change the state of motion of an object. (Note: An object at rest has a state of motion equal to zero.) Behind all force is energy. This Pearl deals with the management of force for a desired result. Think before applying the force. What is to be its intensity and will this intensity vary over time? At what physical point on the object will the force be optimally applied? When should the force be applied and for how long? Envision the result occurring over time. Be aware of the surroundings of the object to which the force is applied and anticipate the effect on this surrounding. In what direction is the force to be applied and will it be advantageous to change the direction during its application? Could the force be applied variably perhaps with some repetition or frequency? Are there factors that could be integrated along with the force to make it more effective? Apply the force within the context of natural law, like balance and equilibrium. A diamond cutter does not randomly apply the force of his cutting tool without thought.