Pearls for Annie


Go not to extremes in whatever you do or think. Do not eat too much or drink too much. Do not run too fast or walk too slowly. On the interstates use the middle lane traveling not too slow nor too fast. Do not take an extreme view for there are always many sides to all issues. Extremists blinded by their view never see the other side. Certain life experiences may not be possible for the extremist. The extreme view or act sets up barriers to broad based learning and living. Extremists never see how one issue is connected to another. An extremist rarely sees consequences to his view or lifestyle. The extreme view or lifestyle is limiting and reduces the number of possibilities available. The Middle East is a land of extremes and look at where it has lead. The US is a land of compromise and look where it has lead. Major religions have extreme views and look at how they work against one another to the detriment of the world community. The extremist sees in terms of absolutes which in reality do not exist. The proud extremist has a difficult time changing and admitting fault thereby limiting growth. One can change from the middle easier than from an extreme position and change is the essence of all being.