Pearls for Annie


Of MaEnTiSpa, matter with little thought is among the easiest to control. Matter is the stuff of life, all that which takes up space and has mass. There is a tendency to accumulate matter as one ages. Matter can often become a burden when there is too much of it serving no useful purpose. Too much matter can make space more difficult to manage. There will come a day, Annie, when all those plastic toys will need to go somewhere (burden). Matter should serve a personal need, especially if you are a ceramist: clay, tools, kilns, work bench, etc. Some forms of matter, like TV, iPODs or cell phones, can become a burden when they distract you from that which you need to do. Matter that saves time is nice to have, such as a car, computer, washing machine, stove, etc. Tools are great. Better to have a hammer around than have to drive nails with your fist. Refrigerators are great. Food is the best of all matter, and let us not forget water and orange juice. Some books are great to have, but there is always the libraries and the internet. There is matter that you may want but not need and cannot afford, but believe me, there is enough affordable stuff around that you will want and need. One of the neatest activities is to take matter and modify it (art). I would recommend clay which is "dirt" cheap and with a kiln you can have years of creative experience. There is drawing which is simple and cheap: paper and pencil. Try not to use matter to define who you are. There are those who think they are "making a statement" by the matter they own. Very sad. My hope is that you will be defined by what you think and do and not by what kind and how much stuff you have. Anyhow, matter can be a curse or a blessing; so, acquire and use it with intelligence along with energy, time and space.