Pearls for Annie


It would be helpful for you to improve and conserve MaEnTiSpa and maintain an ongoing attitude toward the process. Conserve the stuff in your life by caring for selectively acquiring it; conserve your energy by exerting force rationally; conserve your time and space by effectively managing them. Set up a scale of levels to evaluate your effectiveness in managing MaEnTiSpa, say a level from 0 to 10.0. For example, at this writing (07March2009) your Bada's levels are Ma:7.8, En:6.4, Ti:7.2 and Spa:8.6. Revaluate your levels periodically knowing that they are dynamic both increasing and decreasing in time. Develop an attitude of constantly improving your management skills no matter how small an each improvement may be. Know that you will never reach the extremes of 0 and 10.0, the absolute absence and perfection respectively. And while you are at it, practice recycling and the conservation of earth's natural resources: water, soil, energy, plants, air... .