Pearls for Annie


You will need to make decisions throughout your life mostly to solve problems to achieve desired results. The more information you have about the situation, the greater will be the number of reasonable solutions to a given problem you can generate. The sum of your experiences will enhance your chances of generating solutions that will work better. Seek also the input of those who have dealt with a similar siuation. Always consider the consequences of of a particular solutiion. Very important that you do this. Keep in mind that there is no one single magical solution. There are only solutiions. When making rational decisions, do not allow the subjective (emotional) cloud the objective (intellectual). Make relatively quick decisions on small stuff as it occurs. Let decisions on the big stuff germinate until action becomes inevitable. Mentally review a project's solution before beginning it. For a given problem/challenge/project no matter what solution is implemented, there will always be one that works better. View the applied solution as pending, adjusting its specifics as time tests it. Refine as needed. It may be that the chosen solution will not work; therefore, begin the process again. It is as important to know what does not work as it is to know what does. It is an evolutionary process.