Pearls for Annie


A lot is said about truth. Much verbiage is applied to it. But what is truth and where can it be found? Can it be known? Can it even be communicated in the absolute sense? Is the absolute truth that which has happened existing as a past event in our memory? Can the memories of our personal truth be communicated in the absolute sense into the so-called present? Will communication with the imperfect symbols of written and spoken words or images merely be shadows of the truth? Is there any absolute truth that exists in the future, or does it exist as probabilities for occurrence? My perspective on the truth is difficult to communicate. There is no present, only past and future. Truth cannot be communicated in the absolute sense. Truth exists in the future as probabilities. Truth exists in the past with as many remembered versions as there are those who remember.

Annie, you will need to develop your own concept of the truth. Beware of those who espouse knowing the truth, especially in the absolute sense.