Pearls for Annie


Change is the essence of all physical being. Time is the substrate through which matter changes. Space is the place in which matter changes. Energy is the force driving change. There can be no physical change unless matter, space, time and energy (MaEnTiSpa) are all involved simultaneously.

"Learn to embrace Change since you cannot control change- it happens. You must learn from it and know that ultimately, it is good for you. Think of change as a journey without which you would not have been able to visit new places, experience new ideas and meet new people. Your ability to accept change will determine how flexible you are. Being flexible is a virtue that will be well appreciated by your family, significant other, co-workers and friends. It will bring you open-mindedness and allow you to see things differently than others who are narrow minded, stuck in their ways and not willing to change." (source:Pam)