Pearls for Annie


Seek not the approval of others, but rather seek self approval. With self-

approval, the approval of others will follow in a natural way. Of great importance are honest self evaluations. Seek experiences for self validation. Develop a positive self image. Make yourself into the person you like and want to be with. Define your personal reality in terms of your own experience, your past and your nature. Suit the task to your nature, i.e., create a harmony between what you are and how you interface with your external world. Think of yourself as a device through which the life force plays and tune yourself as you would a radio to play the best of music. Take advantage of the "good times"- learn, build, practice, refine; during the "bad times" focus on survival. Develop a direct personal relationship with Existence with no inter-mediators, just you and Existence, a kind of working duality. Let your strengths compliment the weaknesses of others and allow their strengths to compliment your weaknesses keeping in mind that in truth we are each one of us an extension of the other. "You scratch my back, I will scratch yours." Do not allow the subjective (emotional) cloud the objective (intellectual).