Pearls for Annie

IF (source unknown)

If you chose to work, you will succeed;
If you don't, you will fail.
If you neglect your work, you will dislike it;
If you do it well, you will enjoy it.
If you join little cliques, you will be self-satisfied;
If you make friends widely, you will be interesting.
If you gossip, you will be slandered;
If you mind your own business, you will be liked.
If you act like a bore, you will be despised;
If you act like a human being, you will be respected.
If you spurn wisdom, wise people will shun you,
If you seek wisdom, they will seek you.
If you adopt a pose of boredom, you will be a boor.
If you show vitality, you will be alive.
If you spend your free time playing bridge, you will be a good bridge player;
If you spend your time reading, discussing and thinking of things that matter,
You will be an educated person.