Pearls for Annie


Space is not nothing. It is real and is defined by matter according to Einstein's relativity. Your mind, dear Annie, will propel your body through space in some manner. Space offers some challenge in managing. Worst is wasting space. In your home when short in space, use it vertically since most of the available space in a room is above the floor. A place for everything; everything in its place. Think of all the space available in our universe and contemplate the fact that you occupy a space from which you can move driven by the fuel of your mind. A planet cannot do this, nor a star. They are bound by immutable laws. Think of the freedom you have to change your space. We are all in different spaces. You cannot occupy the space I am in nor I yours. Even an electron has its own personal space. What a wonderful gift to be given your own space no matter where you are; therefore, use your space wisely and do not take it for granted and move through space with grace, confidence, with joy, strength of character, focused in knowing where you have been and where you are going.