Pearls for Annie


Annie, I started accumulating these "dualities" 27 Jul 1974 up to the present, 28 Feb 2009. For what it is worth to you, it just seems interesting to me that many aspects of Existence have a dual nature some of which you may not be aware but about which hopefully you will learn.

(01)Newton's 3rd Law (action/reaction), (02)two types of electric charge (+/-), (03 nature of light (particle/wave), (04)duality of dualities-two electrons per atomic orbital:positive spin/negative spin, (05)sex (male/female), (06)inertial mass/gravitational mass, (07)Einstein's Special and General Theories of Relativity, (08)only two particles can collide simultaneously, (09)only two numbers can be added at one time, (10)DNA/RNA, (11)entropy/enthalpy, (12)yes/no, (13)zero/infinity, (14)magnetic poles (north/south), (15)Yin/Yang, (16)sides of brain (left/right), (17)duality of dualities-mass:energy/space:time, (18)DNA's double helix, (19)convergent/divergent, (20)enantiomers (left/right), (21)matter/antimatter, (22)linear/cyclical, (23)chloroplast/mitochondria (24)sexual/asexual reproduction, (25)quantum entanglement, (26)chemical reactions (endothermic/exothermic), (27)bilateral symmetry, (28)past/future, (29)discover/invent, (30)equilibrium/steady state, (31)objective/subjective, (32)polarization of light (left/right), (33)true/false, (34)binary (0/1), (35)egg/sperm, (36)4ness/5ness nature of Archimedean and Platonic geometric solids, (37)needs/wants, (38)individual/Existence

Can the reader think of any others?